Izmir Special Villa

1.350.000 – 1.600.000 USD

Project Villa
Total Unit 14
Area 3286 m2
Type 3+1 – 4+1
Size 155-220 m2
Delivery May   2016


The project, which means fourteen in Italian, that redefines luxury all over with its architecture that is coherent with the nature of the unique Ayasaranda and the living comfort that is beyond the standards…

A very special bay where every tone of blue, turquoise and green, in short all of the Aegean lays before it, saluting Chios Island and blinking at the Port of Çeşme…

The Project is comprised of villas that integrate interior and exterior venues and regard landscaping as part of architecture. Designed with a modern approach, The project is integrated with independent pieces that are permeable in itself. When looked from the outside, Villa looks like a natural part of Ayasaranda Bay and it reveals its privilege with its design.

·        1,5 km to the center of Çeşme

·        2 km to Çeşme Marina

·        Close to main roads

·        Private pier

·        Private beach

·        Private security

·        Comfort glasses on the villa windows

·        Private swimming pools for each villa

·        Indoors parking lot for each villa

·        Floor heating

·        Customized landscaping coherent with the nature

·        Floor gardens


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